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The closest airport to Ilha do Guajirú is Fortaleza, approx. 230 km south and the new international airport Jeri, approx. 40 min. away.

To get to us from the airport Fortaleza you have the choice between the bus, a rental car or a taxi transfer.

By rental car. The road from the airport Fortaleza to Ilha do Guajirú is almost new and the distance is approx. 230 km. Just follow the CE085 and pass Pecem, Taiba, Paracuru, Lagoinha, Flexeiras till Itarema. In Itarema just follow the beach (Praia) signs. The daily rate for a economy car is approx. 35 EUR. We can organize that you can take over the rental car directly at the airport.

The most economical way the get to Ilha do Guajirú is by bus. There is a big, aircon bus (the bus transports kite luggage for free) which starts close to the airport 5 times a day to Jeri. The bus will stop at Itarema, just 5 km away. At the bus station you will find a taxi which takes you to Ilha.

In the high season there is also ones a day a bus connection between Cumbuco and Jeri (the bus will stop at Itarema).

For the actual time table please send us an email.

The most comfortable way is by privat taxi transfer (prices per car, up to 4 people).

Fortaleza airport - Ilha do Guajirú: 160 EUR

Cumbuco - Ilha do Guajirú: 140 EUR

Taiba - Ilha do Guajirú: 130 EUR

Paracuru - Ilha do Guajirú: 120 EUR

Lagoinha - Ilha do Guajirú: 110 EUR

Flexeiras - Ilha do Guajirú: 110 EUR

Icaraizinho - Ilha do Guajirú: 80 EUR

Preá - Ilha do Guajirú: 90 EUR

Jeri - Ilha do Guajirú: 110 EUR

Barra Grande - Ilha do Guajirú: 160 EUR

Macapa - Ilha do Guajirú: 180 EUR

June 1st, 2024
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Season 2024 / 2025
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